“The Struggles of a Champion”
Psalms 56:1-4; 11-13

Affirmation of the week: “Today is the last day that I react on how it feels”

In order to be a champion there must be a fight. Because you haven’t won every battle you tend to think below the champion in you. You are still a champion because God wants you to win. God will allow you to look like you’re losing or being defeated to be a testimony; God has to remind you that you are my child and you’re coming out on top. During the trials it’s okay to be scared but don’t stop trusting. In life there will be battles. Going through with Jesus is better than going through without Jesus. The word of God declares that you have a right to cast your cares upon him. When you give out God knows how to replenish. When God wants you blessed, no devil can slow up or stop your blessing. God knows your address and what he has for you is for you.
Points to remember:
  1. Just because you lost the last battle doesn’t mean you’re not a champion.
  2. It is your God given purpose to win.
  3. God is El Elyon, The most high God, your situation is not too hard for God.
  4. Stop reacting on how things make you feel. Trust God and his plan.
  5. God has you covered when the battles of life arise.